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Ang Dapat Mabatid sa Kulturang Pilipino

Lahat ng mga tao ay may kanilang sariling kultura. Ganun din ito sa lahat ng mga bansa sa mundo at lahat na ito ay nag-iiba sa isa’t isa. Dito sa Pilipinas importante ang kultura sa mga tao dahil ang mga ito ay nagpapakita at nagsasabi kung sino ang mga Pilipino. Nagpapakita rin ito ang mga katangian ng mga Pilipino, ang kanilang pamumuhay at ang kanilang pagiging malikhain sa pagagawa ng kultura nila. Ang ilan sa mga ginawa ng mga Pilipino ay hindi orihinal sa kanila dahil kinuha lang nila ang mga ito sa iba’t ibang bansa, pero sa pagiging malikhain ng mga Pilipino, iniiba nila ang mga ito para magiging katangi-tangi ito sa kanilang sariling kultura.

Hindi ko alam ang lahat ng mga bahagi ng kultura ng mga Pilipino dahil hindi ako sanay sa mga ginagawa nila. Ayaw ko sa mga jeepney dahil takot ako sa mga ito. Nag-iisip ko sa aking utak na kapag magsasakay ako sa isang jeepney lahat ng mga tao na nasa jeepney ay matingin sa akin dahil parang kapag ako ay isa sa mga Pilipino sasabihin ko sa sarili na “sino ba ito, mukhang hindi Pilipino, bakit nagsasakay ng jeepney?” Iyan ang naiisip kong sitwasyon kapag sasakay ako sa isang jeepney.

Sa mga nagtatalakay namin sa klase ang aking nagiging bagong opinyon sa mga Pilipino ay, para sa akin importante sa kanila ang kanilang relihiyon. Kapag pansinin mo ang mga tsuper dito, makikita mo na marami sa kanila ang may rosaryo sa kanilang rearview mirror. Bago silang mapupunta sa kahit saan, magdadasal muna sila ng isang panalangin para magbabantay ang Diyos sa kanila. Sa mga tsuper ng mga Jeepney, naglalagay nila sa kanilang Jeepney ang mga iba’t ibang imahe ng Diyos o iba’t ibang mga imahe ng kanilang relihiyon katulad ng mga anghel, ibon (dove) na nagsisimbolo ng kapayapaan at iba pa. Lahat na ito ay katangi-tangi lang sa mga Pilipino dahil ito ay isang bahagi ng kanilang kultura na nagpapakita ng kanilang matibay na paniniwala sa Diyos.

Iba ang mga Pilipino sa lahat dahil sa mga salita na ginagamit nila. Gusto nila na maging “iba” sa lahat para magpapakita nila ang kanilang pagiging katangi-tangi. Kapag narinig mo ang salita “miss call”, ang maiisip mo ay “isang call na hindi sinagutan ng isang tao”, pero para sa mga Pilipino ang salita para dito ay “miskol” at iba ang mga kahulugan nito. Hindi sinusundan ang mga Pilipino sa orihinal na salita na “miss call” at ginawa nila itong sariling salita at ito ang salitang “miskol”. Ang salita na ito ay mayroon sariling kahulugan mula sa mga Pilipino. Kaya naiimpluwensya ang mga Ingles na salita sa mga salitang Pilipino.



In love you cannot see the bad side of someone. That’s the pathetic part of being in love, that sometimes even the worst person in this world can be the best person in your for your own belief .

Sometimes we dream of having someone we rally like. But life t everything we want but in the end, we end up loving someone better than we dream.

There is no  fear in love but perfect love casts out fear, because fear has to do with a punishment. He that fears is not made perfect in love.

Love someone not because they give you what you need. Instead, love them because they give you things or feelings you never thought you needed.

Most of us can not sleep when we are starting to fall in love, same as we can not sleep when that loves starting to end.

Do not underestimate of doing simple things in life. They might just be the reason why you have a special place to someone heart.

There is no shortage of things that can cause you to bury your heart and soul. Henry Cloud

Destiny belongs to those who believes in the beauty of their dreams and have a courage to pursue it. Do not stop when you are tired, stop when you are done.

The most tiring to do is to think. To think someone who don’t even think of you.

the person that brings out the best of you and the one that makes you strong is actually your weakness.

If someone loves you there’s actually no need to ask nor to beg  for something you like or what to happen. Because when a person loves, that person would perfectly learn about what to makes you happy even without telling what is it.

Never think that you are not good enough for anyone,sometimes you should ask yourself if they are good enough for you.

A half truth is a whole lie.

Never assume that someone likes you by their sweetness sometimes you are just options when they are bored.

Ang pagtingin sa mahal mo habang sya ay may kasamang iba ay parang panonood ng malabong TV, ang sarap patayin.

Minsan wala naman ginagawa ang isang tao pero may nag mamahal sa kanya,samantalang yong iba, ginagawa na ang lahat para lang mahalin nasasaktan pa rin.

How could you make a move to tell someone what you really feel,if you already feel the rejection even without words.

We think there always tomorrow so we don’t expose our feeling today, but sometimes, we gotta go for it today and be urgent. Because who we love, what we feel and what we have today may all change or gone the next day.

Do not change your self too adjust for the person who do not like you,personality is not a theorem to be proven but a postulate to be accepted.


This Love lines and quotations  is dedicated to my lovely, simply amazing dream girl… kacute!!!

I was always dreamed  our love so true and always dreamed that dreams were true and a fairy Godmother will somehow show. I hope the fantasy will come true for you’re  beauty and I am the beast.

My love for you go stronger each day, I’ve fallen deeply in love with you.

The song in your eyes put a smile in my face.

You are too confusing and it leads me on falling more and more.

Being to wait is a sign of true love and patience.

I Love you with the breath, the smiles and the tears of all my life.

I’d trade all of my tomorrow’s for one single yesterday, just to be with you again!

I will never forget your smile…I will carry you in my heart forever.

You make me smile for the weirdest reason..You make me laugh for some stupid reason..But most of all,you make me love you for no reason.

I dont’ expect to become the  most important person in your lives, that’s too much to ask. What would make me happy is 1 day, if ever u read my name, you’ll smile and say: “I miss this person.”


August 5, 2010

Distance Education Computer HeadNash,

Peace be with you!

You have been a blessing to many. Continue in serving the Lord in ways you do best. Your efforts for this glory are never in vain.

Ministry is not just about tasks and responsibility but it’s more of your relationship with Him. May it be your desire to draw more closely to God and grow in the knowledge of his son, Jesus.

My prayer is that God would pour out His wisdom and favour upon you in all that you do as you bring glory to His name.

I believe that many more would come to know the Lord through your life. God loves you for who and what you are.

God bless you more!






1st year BSEdbiology 2005

To one of the few people I’ve known who has a wonderful heart.

Life is indeed a journey which is full of choices and decisions, we are given the chance to decide and choose and that is one of the exceptional gifts given to us. Hope that in every choice you are going to choose and the decision that you are going to make never forget that you need guidance and help from all the people around you and especially from the Great Creator who made you. We may call Him differently but still He is our creator. Hope you’ll see the peace you’ve been looking for. I’m also hoping that in all questions and doubts you have in mind they’re being answered. Have faith always and never forget to pray!

You may travel your journey for a long time. You will definitely face lots of challenges and struggles but never give up the fight. Learn also to accept that in very battle you are going to face you’re not always the winner and what’s the best thing is you have fight till your last strength. Gather yourself and be whole again every time you feel and remember the people who inspire you and the people who give you the reason to fight this challenging life. Hope that someday I’ll see you a happy “NASH” contented and definitely a complete one…. we may have separate ways, but I’m hoping you’ll never forget a girl named “fards” who once entered your life. Stay for good and change for best!

Almighty ALLAH guides you to your wonderful journey.


Recently, I had a friend of mine who just got dumped by her boyfriend and she really took it hard. They had been together for a months. This is for her (Ling Taporco) and to anyone who have broken hearts.

1. Cry. I know some guys (and even some girls) don’t like the idea of crying but if you’re alone or with a close friend and you want to cry, and then let it out. I cried sometimes alone. I felt better once I got it all out.

2. You’re going to feel depressed, sad, lonely, angry, and upset, but remember that you had a life before you met this person and it’s up to you get it back.

3. Surround yourself around those who love you. Whether it’s family or friends, go be around the people who are lovely, supportive, and treat you well. Trust that when you’re around positive people, it’ll rub off on you.

4. Stalker Mode. We get into this mode where we want to see how the Ex is doing and whether that person is miserable like you. Don’t! If you want to move on from this person, then it means no contact at all! If he or she calls you, resist picking up the phone. It’s hard at first because your heart wants that person but it’s better to let go.

4. Time to recover. It’s hard to pick up your life after the person you loved has done you wrong or didn’t want you anymore or for whatever reason. But it’s not the end of your life… it’s just a new chapter. Remember, it’s up to you to ensure your own happiness. The person that you were with was just a part of it, the rest was your own. Don’t rush to jump into another relationship but take time to take care of your feelings, your emotions and your well-being. No one else is going to do it for you. Be a little selfish.

5. Don’t put the past on the next guy or girl. So you’re about to start dating again, and this person is great in every aspect but then you wonder “Is he or she going to treat me like my ex did me?” TIME OUT! Look, your ex did you wrong or left, yes, but you can’t predict that the next person is going to do the same thing to you. If you feel a little uneasy about it, then just take your time to know the person for awhile. Also, don’t bring up your past relationships so soon. It’s best to not mention them right away. But if you believe every guy or every girl is the same, then you’re bit dumb. Not every person is the same, so don’t expect the next person to be. (unless you’re attracted to those type of people).

6. Don’t forget. You’ve been hurt and heartbroken and you’ve been able to move on, but don’t forget. You loved the person, had good times, and bad times but in the end, it didn’t work. We all have gone through a broken heart and we have hurt beyond what words can express but the pain will ease with time but it has a place so you won’t forget it.

I’m not saying this is the only way to mend a broken heart because there are other ways but i’m just sharing how I was about to mend mine. Regardless, there’s one thing that is for sure, heartbreaks are never easy to mend or get over but if you want to move on then it’s up to you to move on. It will take time but eventually, after the tears, sadness, anger, and every emotion you go through eases, you’ll be fine. So… with that I hope this may help at least one person…

Good Luck.


“SiNGLE KA, SINGLE AKO. Masyado ng marami ang single sa mundo, gusto mo bawasan nating dalawa?”

“Sana ikaw na lang si Antok, para gabi-gabi mo akong dalawin.”

“Kung sawa ka na sa paligid mong sobrang ingay, Bakit hindi mo subukang pumasok sa puso ko at manahimik habang buhay.”

” Paakyat na sana ako eh, pero noong nakita kita nahulog na naman ako.”

“IniiSMALL ka ba nila? ‘Wag kang mag-alala kasi iniiBIG naman kita.”

“Sana pwet ka na lang ng kaldero… para palagi kitang kini-KISSKISS.”

“Here let me tie your shoe laces, so you won’t fall for anyone else:P..”

Sana holdaper ka na lang… para “ibibigay ko sayo lahat, wag mo lang akong sasaktan..”

Paano mo makikita ang taong magmamahaL sayo at makakasama mo sa habang buhay? Kung hindi ka nmn sa akin naka-tingin ?

Wala na kong relo, kasi lahat ng oras ko, binigay ko na sayo!

What if my name is yours? How can I introduce myself to you?Should I say? Hi,I’m yours.

Am i a bad shooter? Coz i keep on missing you.

Di ka ba nahihirapan sa sitwasyon natin? Hanggang friends na lang ba tayo?

Uy sabi ng doctor malala na daw ang sakit ko sa puso. Dalawa na lang daw ang option: either ICU or you see me.

A lady is a woman who makes a man behave like a gentleman. You’re such a lady to me.