Colossians 1:24

Ministry is costly. When the heavenly  Father wanted to save His creation from sin, He could find no other way but to except the sacrifice of His Son (Rom.5:8). Scripture gives a stark picture of the price our savior paid to obtain our salvation; ” He is despised and rejected by men, a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief” (Isa.53:3). If Christ is your model of your ministry,you cannot avoid going to the cross for the sake of others. Salvation comes from a great price, and if we are going to TAKE UP OUR CROSS and fallow Jesus, then we must be prepared to go with Him to the place of suffering if that’s what it takes to bring salvation to those around us.

If our goal is to bring others to Christ we must be willing, as He was, to risk rejection. People may disappoint us, misunderstand our motives, even despise and persecute us. Our savior did not let suffering prevent Him from being used by God to be bring salvation to those He loved. Love for His father provided all the motivation that was necessary. Are you presently experiencing hardship because of the ministry to which God was called you? have you begun to wonder if the price you are praying is too great? Take moment to reflect on the price God willing to pay in order to bring salvation to you. are you glad He was willing to do what wast necessary? Will you not join Him in whatever is necessary to bring salvation to those around you?

experiencing GOD day-by-day HTB&RB


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