1st year BSEdbiology 2005

To one of the few people I’ve known who has a wonderful heart.

Life is indeed a journey which is full of choices and decisions, we are given the chance to decide and choose and that is one of the exceptional gifts given to us. Hope that in every choice you are going to choose and the decision that you are going to make never forget that you need guidance and help from all the people around you and especially from the Great Creator who made you. We may call Him differently but still He is our creator. Hope you’ll see the peace you’ve been looking for. I’m also hoping that in all questions and doubts you have in mind they’re being answered. Have faith always and never forget to pray!

You may travel your journey for a long time. You will definitely face lots of challenges and struggles but never give up the fight. Learn also to accept that in very battle you are going to face you’re not always the winner and what’s the best thing is you have fight till your last strength. Gather yourself and be whole again every time you feel and remember the people who inspire you and the people who give you the reason to fight this challenging life. Hope that someday I’ll see you a happy “NASH” contented and definitely a complete one…. we may have separate ways, but I’m hoping you’ll never forget a girl named “fards” who once entered your life. Stay for good and change for best!

Almighty ALLAH guides you to your wonderful journey.



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