John 15:12

villareal retreat 2009

Loving people is only a vague concept, unless we do these five things:

  1. People are insecure– give them confidence. Beneath their facade lie memories of a painful past and anxiety over what’s coming their way next. Tell them God says, “I will never leave you or forsake you” (Heb.13:5nkjb). When nothing else works, Gods words does.
  2. People need to feel special-compliment them. Do it when they least expect it, and it’s clear to you seek nothing in return. Mary Kay Ash said, “everyone has an invisible sign hanging around their neck saying, “ make me feel important!” notice how often God’s Word tell us how much He loves us, how special we are, and His plans for us.
  3. People are looking for a better tomorrow– give them hope. Let them know that when you put God in the center of your life, your future can be better than you past. “As long as he sought the lord, God made him prosper” (2Ch.26:5njkv).
  4. People need to be understood– listen to them. The trouble is, this takes more time than we’re willing to give. We’re in too much of a hurry to hand out advice and move on, and it doesn’t work. Before people can be fixed, they must feel understood.
  5. People need role models- be one. Paul told the Corinthians “you follow me as I follow Christ” (see 1Cor.11:1niv). Too often we’re unaware of the example we set and the impression we’re making. Like it or not, what you do- and don’t do- influence others. When leave this world, what you live behind is your influence. What type of influence will you be leaving?

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