May 10,2011

To my Manang,

Manang, I hardly know what or how to start my letter of the kind I want this to be. Probably and most important is my love for you.

Today you celebrated your 18th year in the world, yes 18th, a year that most of young people signifies the beginning of struggle for identity and independence.

So today is a special and you are special. Not because you are my sister, but because you are a  unique person and one that I respect and enjoy being with. Your heart has turned toward Jesus and growing into such a sweet young lady.

I hope your birthday have been full, that you’ve seen how much better the world and the world of your friends and love ones because you are part of  it. It’s hard to put into words the things I want to say to tell you just how special You are to me each and every day I want you to know what a joy it is to be related to a person who means so much to me.


Be a blessing and God bless you more…thank you so much…

“I always thank God for you because of his grace given you in Christ Jesus.”1 Corinthians 1:4



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