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Lord you know my heart and all my desires and the secret thing I never tell, Lord you know them well. janareginio

You don’t need to be popular to win someone heart.Just be yourself, because in someone eyes you’re already special. liliandelacruz

Someday I may be far away , we may forget and never see again. But i want you to know, I”m happy knowing that once in my journey i meet someone like you. aimeeaguilo

No one loses someone because no one owns anyone.bernadettepanes

1Peter 1:11-12 Dear friends, I urge you, as alien and strangers in the world, to abstain from sinful desires, which against your soul. Live such good lives among the pagans that, though they accuse you of wrong doing wrong, they may see your good deeds and glorify God on the day He visit us.louisesensano

Always try to be happy whatever life becomes, remember that every 60 seconds of life you spent upset is a minute of happiness you can never back.aimeeaguilo

Nobody in this world is numb everyone can feel pain,it’s just that some are really good when it comes to pretending.andraediantan

The mind is the only which can make the right decisions, but undeniably the hearts decide for your happiness even if it is wrong.aimeeaguilo 

It said  every person should maintain at least 3 kinds of friendship: 1) Friends on your own age whom you can talk over your problems, plans and goals with confidence. 2) friends older than you, to whom you can confide and be assured of wise counsel 3) Friends Younger than you,whom you can share your life’s experiences…. it is not only in being helped but in helping others that you can find release from your inner tensions.raquelpada

In life, I’ve had a thousands of failures, hundreds of wrong decisions and countless stupid mistakes but if given a chance to change it? I’d rather not, because somehow, my past made me what I am right now.raquelpada

Every time I begin to feel that there is no more strength in Me, i end up knowing that theres is more in HIM, God sustains us indeed.bhebheabbey

Spongebob ” you will never know the true value of a moment until ir becomes a memory.bhebheabbey

being able to wait is a sign of true love and patience, everybody can say they love you but not everybody can wait and prove it’s true.raquelpada

There’s always a part of the past that we want to have back but we could never get what we  have today if we didn’t let go of yesterday.noemjanenawal

It’s always been a mystery in me, how can heart can come together and love will last forever.janareginio

James 5:13 If you having trouble, you should pray. And if you are feeling good you should sing praises. Whatever your felling toaday stay in the presence of God.rudyjumaran

Shakespeare said: when you start caring about yourself you start loving somebody,but when you start caring about others somebody starts laving you.rajeemahbalingao

Life can never be free from pain but God will always give you the means to endure and survive. in the rush of events, you will see that He is holding your hand at every moment.vinegracemartin

instead of being wishing that you were someone els, be proud of who you are. You never know who is looking for at you, wishing they would be you.gerlynmaesinangote

People who  trust God’s Word should be people whose words can be trusted.tyronepelarca

IMNOWHEREFORYOU do you read it as “I’m no where for you?” or “I’m now here for you? like everything in life the way you see things, is depends on how you look at them.noemicatherinepialago

Never waste time for someone who doesn’ t even bother wasting time for you. Be with someone who will tell you, ” time is wasted if  I’m not with you.joycelicayan

The Lord hides everything in nothing. He  hide a tree in a seed. He hides the king in a shepherd boy. He hide a savior in a baby. Aren’t you excited what he’s hiding to you? don’t lose hope, God knows what your future will be, even before He made you.09488646617

Three things can tell a  man: His eyes,his fiends and his favorite quotes.johannarosesantiago

Worship, like love, is an  attitude of the heart. it means we have decide to make God first and Make Him the ruler of our life.noemjanenawal

Leave something for God but never leave God for something. Because in life something will live you but god will always there for you.arnidamaguiguilid

Philippianns 4:13 Christ give me a strengths to face anything.noemjanenawal

If only people could realize how much shorter time is, maybe they would minimize every fraction of a second to be happy whenever they could.baguindadayang-dayang

Life, they say, is touch in go. People will only be there for sometime, but people who find you special will always find ways to stay.johannarosesantiago

A memory last forever, never does it die, true friend stay together and never say goodbye.johnpaulcabotaje

Great friendship is about two main things: first is to find out your similarities and second respect your differences.noemjanenawal

sometimes were not looking for some who has everything but someone who has time to spend more than anything.aimeeaguilo

Roman chapter 7 : without the Law of God we are slave of SIN. 09103506963

Jesus said; I am the way, the truth, and the life no comes to the father except through me.09103506963

A half truth is a whole lie.bhebheabbey

Never assume that someone likes you by their sweetness, sometimes you are just option when they are bored.davejanuto

Do not strive to be happy, but strive to be good because happy is not always good, but always good will always lead to happiness.leizlelizarde

Real happiness comes not in achieving big things but enjoying the simple blessing in life. because in the simplicity of  life comes the complexity of God’s love.alinaiduzman

When someone stumbles or falls, God give a helping hands.janareginio


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  1. Posted by lilian lariba dela cruz on May 12, 2011 at 6:44 am

    thank you 😀


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