Received Messages 3

If someones loves you, there’s actually no need to ask nor beg for something you like or want to happen. Because when a person loves yo, that person would perfectly learn about what makes you happy even without telling what it is.aimeeaguilo

Life’s battles do not always favor the stronger or faster ones. The one who wins is whose heartbeat says “with GOD I can.janareginio

Always say: I am happy because God is with me, where I am there He is, What I do He sees, how I feel He knows… Truly with God life is wonderful.princessaslynsarte

most of us can’t sleep when we are starting to fall in love, same as we can’t sleep when that love is starting to end.raquelpada

Bill Gates went to restaurant and gave a $2 tip. the waiter said: Yesterday your son gave $100 tip and you are giving only $2?. Wise reply by Bill Gates ” He’s a son of a billionaire, I’m a son off a farmer. Be inspired and always remember to be humble.marvinsebetero

Living a life without prayer is like a building a house without nails. Truly our lord is a firm foundation when the storm comes we will not be shaken.noemjanenawal

The four best looks: look back and thank God, look forward and trust God, look around and serve God, look from within and find God.dennisdeguma

Blessings are plenty for people like you who live with loving kindness and thoughtfulness for others. May you find greater meaning in life.gerlynmaesinangote

It’s hard to care for a person when you know that one more step forward would make you fall in love and step back ruins your friendship.aimeeaguilo

To prove love is not about how long you’ve been together or happy you were. it is how many times you argue and reconcile and found differences but still choose to be with each other.joanamaegamueta

How will you know if you have made a right decision? Jesus said- It’s when you picked the harder choice yet your heart is at peace.johannarosesantiago

Friends are like mornings. You can’t have them the whole day, but you can be sure that they’ll be there when you wake-up tomorrow, next day and forever.liliandelacruz

Arguments in a relationship sometimes mean just one thing,you just really miss each other.janareginio

One sweet things that a friend can offer. It’s to make you laugh even though you refuse to smile.joycelicayan

A  famous poet Eliot said: When you get little, you want more. when you get more, you desire even more. But when you lose it, little was enough.michellemacasero

The world could offer you as a lot of things. It could even satisfy your dreams but we could not expect life to be wonderful or amazing if God is missing.aleamariedeloso

There are two days in our lives that we can do nothing about: One is yedsterday which is gone while the other is tomorrow which is uncertainand might not come at all.homerminguito

Love someone not because they give you what you need. Instead, Love them because they give you things or feeling you never thought you needed.noemjanenawal

with God we can take the choice and be contented; take the tension and be calm; take the hurts and be brave; take the obstacles and build faith.johnpaulcabotaje

How could you make a move to tell someone how you really feel, if you already feel the rejection even without words.aimeeaguilo

Imagine the world without me. You’ll live, trust me.But world without Jesus? Now that scary!aleamariedeloso

Life provides us with many options go on or give up, hold on or let go, stay or leave, but it’s comforting to know that which ever way we God remains.janareginio

God wants me to share this message to you, I hope you would also share this. Everyday God thinks of you(Psalms68:19), every hour God looks after you(2Thes.3:3), Every minutes God cares for you(1Peter:7), because every seconds He loves you(Jeremiah31:3).marycrisservinas

1peter5:7 God Cares for you, so turn all your worries over to him.noemjanenawal

keep in mind that God is your greatest companion because no matter how imperfect you are and no matter what happens in your life God will still be there to give you the greatest love you’ve always wanted.aleamariedeloso

It’s hard to open your eyes when your dreams are to sweet, but sometimes it’s a must to wake-up because it’s only the reasonable way to see reality.aimeeaguilo

God often uses small matches to light up great torches and no matter how small we feel in this world, He has something big in store for us.janareginio


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