Mark 10:51

So Jesus answered and said to him," What do you want Me to do for you?"

It is hard to believe that the Lord would ask us what He could do for us. However, sometimes that is the question we must answer. Bartimacus was blind, and he knew exactly what he wanted Jesus to do for him: restore his sight! Yet he received much more than physical sight! He received salvation, for Jesus knew Bartimacus immediately used his gift to become a follower of the Saviour.

Jesus also asked James and John what they wanted Him to do for them. They requested the most prominent places in His kingdom. This time, Jesus answered that he could not give them what they asked. Their request was selfish. And it brought dissension among their fellow disciples (Mark 10:41.

Only when w e pray according to God’s will is He pleased to grant our request (John 15:16). We will not see our prayers answered if we ask selfishly (James 4:3). If God refrains from giving us what we are asking, we should evaluate our prayers. Are our motives selfish? Are we asking for far less than God wants to give? (2 king 13:19; Ephesians 3:20). Are our request worthy of the God we approach/ do we lack the faith God requires to give us our desires. (Matthew 17:20). Is there unconfessed sin? (Isaiah 1:15). God delights are responding to our requests (Matthew 7:7). If we will ask according to His will, we, like Bartimacus, will receive far more than we anticipated.

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