June 4, 2011
Dear Nash,
Ang iba walang trabaho now ikaw may dalawang pinagpipilian. God’s blessing indeed.
Thank you for asking me about your job choices. That makes me feel like my advice still worth something. I’m here now sa Digos, as usual playing with my pamangkin Kakoy and Oren. My Manang is pregnant so kahit papaano tumutulong sa hugas-plato, lung-ag, and hakot-tubig..
I’m not in the position to advise you in matters na wala pa akong experience, but I’ll attempt to say something. For the past few weeks Ive been applying on-line to various companies, hoping to land a job. I didn’t get any. This is sad and caused me tremendous disappointment. Plus the unfinished matters in the SSC, I’m yet to resolved.
Kung san ka masaya is always my advise. This time it’s a choice between two good things. Holy Trinity and San Lorenzo.
I got no experience so here are my thoughts on this:
1. Compensation. Sino mas malaki ang offer and san mas matipid ang cost of living. Practically, kung san ka may mas maiipon.
2. Personal development. In which school will you grow more intellectually, socially and spiritually. I’m sure both of these private schools will prompt you to study more and master your field. Magagaling ang mga estudyante. We have bright San Lo students in MSU-Gensan
3. Contribution. Where are you most needed? Teaching is a missionary profession, and among these two schools, there are students waiting for you and your positive influence.
Lastly after much prayer, saan ka at peace and comfortable? I’m sure you’ll be effective in both schools, but it will be you who will determine where you will find your joy and peace.
Congratulations once again, Nash. This is a break in your life.
Earn much experience. May this be a stepping stone for you to pursue masteral and doctoral degrees. We want to get these degrees not for the titles, but because it increases opportunities to climb up the ladder of administrative positions. As we increase our position, we increase more the number of people whom we help and influence.
God bless your career. More so, God bless your mission. Multiply yourself.
God bless you and your dreams.
I don’t know how to thank you for your contribution to me and the SSC. I may have caused disappointments in some of my decisions, but I’d like you to know that I appreciate your advises and commitment. Daghang salamat.

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