LUKE 8:17
One of Satan’s subtle deceptions is that you can do things in secret that will never be revealed. This simply not so. The Bible stresses that everything done in darkness will one day be brought to light. So before you commit yourself to do anything questionable, seriously ask yourself’ “Am I willing for those around me to know what I am about to do? Am I willing for God to watch me participate in this activity?
The knowledge that God sees what we do, the certainly that we are accountable for every word and action, ought to dissuade us from sin (2 Cor. 5:10). But we can become so alienated from God that even this knowledge does not deter us. God promises that He will publicly expose our sin so that we must give an account to others for our actions. Ultimately everything will be exposed on judgement day.
Still, some people believe they can sins against God, their families, their employers or their friends and never be discovered. God has provided a safeguard against sin: the certainly of disclosure. Scripture commands us to expose the deeds of darkness as we become aware of them (Eph.5:11). as Christian we are to be the light that dispels darkness in our world. Sin cannot continue in the Christian’s experience, for light cannot dwell with darkness. The only insurance against having your sins exposed is living blameless life.

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