1 John 3:6

Whoever abides in Him does not sin. Whoever sin has never seen Him nor known Him.

The bible makes two things clear about sin. first, living a lifestyle of sin indicates that you are not walking in the power of Holy Spirit, regardless of what you say about your spiritual condition. You cannot regularly spend time studying and meditating on God’s Words, praying and walking in a fellowship with the Holy Spirit, and persist and in sin.

Second, if you do not hate sin the way God does, then you do not truly know Him. There are those who continue in their sin yet insist that they Love God and belong to Him. John makes it clear: If you have lifestyle of sin you have not seen Him and do not know Him. You may not have prayed a ” sinner’s prayer,” or made a commitment in your church or been baptized, but the evidence of Holy Spirit’s presence in your life is that you are defeating sin. This does not mean that you will never sin,but is does mean that you refuse to make sin a lifestyle and you immediately seek forgiveness when you sin ( 1 John 1:10). It means that you are opposed to sin, as God is, and you allow Holy Spirit to eradicate every trace of sin in your life. It means that when you sin, you immediately confess it and repent of it and do whatever is necessary to avoid repeating your sin.

If you find yourself falling into sinful habits and not grieving over your sin as you once did, this indicates that you are not abiding Christ. Return to Him in repentance; restore your fellowships with Him; and you will once again experience victory over your sin.

experiencing GOD day-by-day HTB&RB


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